Accountant payment, collection and bank admin

Kinshasa, République démocratique du CongoCDD  (6 mois)

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Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collect all banks statements on daily basis;

  • The entry of automation transaction of failure that the RAS team sends by email otherwise it is transaction automatically passes into the X3 system.

  • Collection of super dealer cash, extracted from G2 account 1302

  • MDC wholesale cash collection

  • Extraction of transactions from the shops into each appropriate account in G2 and setting up a shop transfer document to the SD account to then enter into X3.

  • Reconcile the banks statements with the operations captures into the financial system;

  • Capture payments made into the different Vodacom accounts;

  • File all banks statements;

  • On daily basis, check the bank charges to see if the banks apply the approved rating;

  • Ensure that there is not discrepancy between the balance from our financial system and the bank statement;

  • Resolve any issue related to reconciliation and if needed escalate the issue to your direct Supervisor;

  • Supervise daily activities with SSC team for local Market ;

  • Any other reasonable work related tasks that may be required from time to time.

  • Soficom Invoice Recon.

  • Prepare a weekly report on Transaction process.


  • Ensure that open items at the different Payment banks are not older more than 60 days;

  • Record all the commissions and Interest during the period ;

  • Process accrual MJUT for all the fees (Commissions & Interest) not deducted by banks as of Month end ;

  • Record all the forex adjustment in Bank accounts & suspens account as per month end Exchange rate ;

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Incoming Transactions

  • Reconcile the deposits made by Vodacom customers;

  • Reconcile the deposits made by different Vodashops across the country;

  • Reconcile interbank transfers in bank accounts;

  • Reconcile Intercompany payments in bank accounts

  • Ensure a good accounting of the customer payments made in the vodacom accounts and in case of issue, make the follow up until the bank to resolve.

Outgoing Transactions

  • Reconciliation of interbank transfers coming out of Vodacom Congo accounts;

  • Vodacom vendor payment reconciliation;

  • Posting of payments Taxes;

  • Posting of bank exchange transactions;

  • Check the compliance of bank commissions;

  • Verify the compliance of the bank charges collected for each supplier payment made in the PAYMENT accounts;

  • Follow up for the correction of payment duplicates;

  • Ensure a good accounting of payments made in accounts payable.

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Kinshasa, République démocratique du Congo
CDD (6 mois)
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